Putting You in the Picture
Instant Access, Total Control
Engineering the Experience
When I began RMS Integration in the 1980's a "home theater" was a room with a 35-inch television, a comfortable couch and a coffee table full of remotes.

Today, RMS Home Theaters have evolved into custom media environments that surpass even the most sophisticated commercial cinemas. Our fully integrated residential projects have steadily grown to encompass complete touchscreen and handheld remote control of movie, music and automated lighting systems, motorized window treatments, hidden speakers systems and audio/video components throughout the home and garden.

Our product lines are the envy of afficionados. Our technicians' training and certifications are up-to-the-minute. And our "electronic rolodex" resources the most highly respected acoustical and video engineers in the United States.

My life's work is making every leisure moment work for you—by giving your family instant access to the most exciting and rewarding entertainment experiences available today.

Now sit back, relax and find out more about how you can move above and beyond it all--in an RMS Home Theater, or in an RMS Fully Integrated Home.

Josh Roth

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